Something Fun Just Became Official!

If you've been following along, you've noticed that Have Fun Little Oneยฎ has pretty much turned into a piece of what Mila James is. It's about children having fun in what they wear no matter how they dress. It's about being able to get dirty in dresses or white tees, getting holes in jeans, pooping right through those favorite pants you put on your little one ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚(even though it hurts us so bad lol). I love shopping small and investing in cute little pieces, as we all do, but I have to also remind myself that these girls are little so sh*t will happen, lol! While it's hard to see Mila rip the dress her mama designed or Nova poop through those cute little tights, it is what it is.

Shop the shirt here! Bloomers: Ira Loves Mae

HFLO came to me in mid 2016, I decided to begin the trademark process for it because for me it was more than just a graphic tee that I wanted to create. You can read more here, but I'd like touch base a little more on why it's so important to me. There are so many children all over the world who have to grow up sooner than they should and definitely sooner than they'd like. My parents (who were raised in a different country) had to get jobs at very young ages to help support their family and the women, well, they would get married at young ages. I mean YOUNG! My mom was married as a teenager! Think about it, in this day and age, could you imagine getting married as a teenager? Where's the fun in that, lol! I joke about it, because it's what I do, but I know how serious it is. I mean my mom lived it and could really write a book about her life. Teens are kids, and they deserve to have fun! Shoot, I feel like I'm still a kid and want to have all the fun! 

I'm pretty sure I'll regret telling them that ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Blanket coming soon to the shop! 

Bows: Hello Wild Baby Co. Matching Bloomers: Ira Loves Mae Letter Board: Letterly Love

Then you have the kids who think they want to be older than they are. They think it's cool to be following the big kids in school and doing what they are doing. This message goes out to them too! Have fun little one, because soon, you'll be a working adult trying to buy a 500 sq ft studio for your family of 4 for $13395738929.00, and that right there, that's NOT fun! You may think you're cool now, but you're going to wish you had all that fun as a little one. 

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She's a little teapot, short and stout, there is her handle, there is her spout! Of course we had to have a photoshoot at Target because it's where we all love to have fun! 

All fun things comes to an end...even when at our happy place! Nap time always wins! 

This is also a reminder for me to not be so hard on my littles. While the messiness makes me cringe at times and my germ anxiety can get the best of me, I have to remember they are only little this one time and deserve to play as much as they can! Even if that means I have to step on all the toys and sit in a pile of blocks, puzzle pieces, princess dolls and crayons (EVERYWHERE!). 

Back to the trademark process, it began in Nov. of 2016 and it FINALLY registered in March 2018! If you watch my Instastories then you saw the excitement when I first got the official paperwork but if you haven't then you can see it has taken me a long time to share because every time I sit down to write this blog, I'm half asleep or someone's crying. I'm so excited to have my very first registered trademark and can't wait to see how far I can take it. I hope Have Fun Little One will make its way into all the kids' things so it's a constant reminder for everyone to always have fun! I hope to get it on shirts, onesies, bibs, bedding, blankets, backpacks, lunch bags, socks, diaper bags, plates, cups, etc. I mean, anything and everything kids use so they never forget to Have Fun! I'm talking Have Fun Little One themed birthday parties (spoiler alert: Nova's first birthday theme) with all the things kids like to have fun on! I'm probably dreaming big here, but there's nothing wrong with that! 

Shirt: Mila James Skirt/Socks: June and January Ice Cream: Super Duper (hahaha)

Have fun my little ones! 

To all the little ones, make sure you have all the fun wherever you go, even in the places you "shouldn't," make sure you eat all the ice cream (as much as mama will allow, haha), swing on all the swings (not after all that ice cream), slide on all the slides, run in all the fields, jump through every jump rope, twirl in all the dresses, skate on all the skateboards, sing as loud as you can, color with all the colors, play in all the sand, do all the things that you love to do. 



If you've been following my journey, you know that I have struggled a lot with the person that I was working with to create my first collection. A little recap, for those who are new to the blog: lots of ideas, lots of things I wanted to hear, lots of hope, lots of empty promises, lots of waiting around, lots of money spent, lots of disappointment, and lots of anger/frustration/sadness. Basically, nothing went the way I had imagined and I lost pretty much everything I invested, which is everything I had saved up on my own and unless Mila and Nova start paying me, there is no easy way to replenish what was lost. But if I have learned anything through this entire experience it's that there is NEVER an easy way to do anything and if it seems too easy, it's probably too good to be true. 

 Bodysuit:   Mila James   Bloomers:   Crew & Lu

Bodysuit: Mila James Bloomers: Crew & Lu

Everything that happened has caused me a great amount of anxiety. It's not easy to just give up what you have to someone in hopes that they are going to bring your dream to life, especially when you have kids to think about. I was constantly finding myself thinking about what happened and letting it bring me down and then telling myself not to let it bring me down then telling myself how can I NOT let it bring me down. It was a vicious never-ending cycle. All that thinking lead me to taking legal action against person X. I felt like I needed to do something, to fight, no matter the outcome. I needed to do something to help me gain some sort of closure. 

 The bodysuit is perfect for layering! Shop the look here:   Mila James     - Socks:   Crew & Lu

The bodysuit is perfect for layering! Shop the look here: Mila James - Socks: Crew & Lu

Deciding to take legal action also caused me a great deal of stress and anxiety. I decided to go about this while I was pregnant with Nova, so it was extremely difficult to handle all at one time, but again, I knew I needed this for my own peace of mind. I can't share much of what happened, but I will share that person X sent her son over to my house to counter serve me legal papers. Imagine being home alone, pregnant and with your 3 year old, and some man coming to your house pretending to be a neighbor and then as you start to open the door he starts banging on the door and windows yelling "open the door, open the door." I mean, who does that. If you are conducting a legal business and feel as though you are in the right, why would you need to go to that extent to get your point across. I was in complete shock and felt as though I did the wrong thing because I had no idea it was going to cause this sort of an issue for myself and my family. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I legally tried to get my point across. As I mentioned before, things didn't go as planned but I feel like now I can move past this. I feel I have done everything I could for myself to gain some sort of closure and hopefully move past all that has happened. 

 Bodysuit:   Mila James   

Bodysuit: Mila James 

I have so much product in my house that I didn't believe was made to my expectations. Some products have inconsistent sleeves (meaning some have the full length sleeves as I wanted and some have shorter length sleeves), inconsistent sizing (within one size run, some run bigger than others), and mislabeled tags. Yes, she labeled my products with random tags rather than using my own, without telling me or asking me. So many things this person did where I just want to ask her WHY! WHY did you do this! But there's no talking to some people. 

With all this being said, I can't help but to think that the stuff she produced for me has brought me nothing but bad luck. While she may think that I am capitalizing off of her production, I am not. I have not made anywhere close to enough to re-invest in my shop. So, I have decided to sample sale most of the items in my shop. Everything that I feel is worth selling. You may find some with the wrong labels, some with full length sleeves and some with what seems like 3/4 length sleeves, but I am hoping the discounted price will be worth it. 

 How cute is this throwback photo of a smaller Mila and Penny!   Shop   the bodysuit now! 

How cute is this throwback photo of a smaller Mila and Penny! Shop the bodysuit now! 

I am hoping by doing this, I can get the support in being able to re-invest in my business and to completely wash my hands of this person. I am hoping for a clean slate and even though I'm fairly new to selling products in my shop, I am hoping this will allow me to start fresh with a better state of mind. Because I am planning to do a pretty heavy discount, I won't be able to bring all my designs to life. Though at this point, that is not what matters to me. I want a clean start, even if it means I can only add one product at a time. I would much rather have one product in my shop that I am extremely happy with and is working well for me, rather than having several products that were made with hate and not to my expectations. 

Items that will be sample sale'd: Floral Fit and Flare Dress, High Waisted Denim Shorts, Keyhole Bodysuit in Black and White. The tees I have in the shop won't be on sample sale, but will be discounted. Those products were produced before issues arose with the manufacturer, therefore those products were made up to my standards. That's another reason why I truly believe my production suffered after I spoke up for myself. When the tees were made, I stayed quiet. As soon as I spoke up, I started noticing all the inconsistencies. 

Again, thank you so much for following my journey and I hope you'll stick by me while I try and re-invest in and re-start this shop of mine! 

 Bodysuit:   Mila James   Bow:   Hello Wild Baby Co